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What Will Travel Look Like After COVID-19?

What will the future of travel look like after COVID-19? Editor’s note: We love to travel, but the safety of our travelers is our number one priority. Fly For Good recommends following all travel guidelines recommended by health officials and the State Department, and to use this time to plan and book future trips only. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed […]

What Should I Know About Coronavirus Travel Suspensions?

President Donald J. Trump signed a Presidential Proclamation that regulates and restricts foreigners from visiting the United States who have recently visited the Schengen Countries in Europe. What countries are included in the new travel suspension? Suspended entry to the U.S. currently includes international travel from the 26 Schengen countries. The comprehensive list of Schengen countries include: Austria, Belgium, Czech […]

Live Coronavirus Updates from List of Airlines

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has created a lot of confusion and fear for travelers. Many airlines have responded to hesitant travelers by waiving typical fees for airfare changes and cancellations to encourage worry-free bookings. We’ve compiled a convenient list of airlines so you can easily see how each is proactively responding to travel amidst the coronavirus outbreak. North & South […]

Coronavirus Travel Guide: What You Should Know

Coronavirus Travel Guide: Quick Facts and Travel Tips If you have been following the news lately you know that the coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, is on the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. This virus, first detected in Wuhan, China this past December, has travelers asking lots of questions. Many are wanting to know how to protect themselves against the […]

How to Pack for a Volunteer Abroad Trip

How to Pack for a Volunteer Abroad Trip Figuring out what to pack for a volunteering trip is confusing, especially if you’ve never been to the destination country. Fortunately, it’s surprisingly manageable with the right tips and plenty of time to get ready to leave. Continue reading to learn more about packing when volunteering abroad. Learning About Your Destination Your […]

Unique Benefits of Using a Travel Agent vs Booking Online

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent vs Booking Online Have you ever wondered if there are actually any benefits to using a travel agent vs booking online? Many travelers are surprised to discover that career travel agents still exist…and are thriving! In a day where air and hotel reservations can be made with a few swipes on your phone, you […]

Packing Guide: How to Pack for a Safe Summer Abroad

Products to pack for a safe summer abroad Are you getting ready for your summer volunteer trip? It’s time to start looking at what you need to make sure you’ll have a smooth and safe summer abroad! Here are important items to include and some products to consider purchasing before you go! First aid If you’re traveling with a group, […]

10 Things Expert Travelers Are Doing

You can spot an expert traveler a mile away. They breeze through security lines and down to their gates like they own the place (typically with a light, neatly packed carry-on in tow). You overhear them chatting with strangers about many miles they’ve accrued this year or how they just got bumped up to first class…again. As much as we […]

What to Pack for Rainy Season Abroad

10 Essentials to pack for rainy season travel Are you ready to take on the daily downpours of Costa Rica’s rainy season? Or how about monsoon season in India? Packing for rainy weather might sound like a chore, but there are a few lifesaver items that will help keep you safe and dry in some of the world’s worst weather […]

How to Train Your Team to Be Culturally Sensitive

Serving people with cultural sensitivity Is the heart of your mission hidden by cultural barriers? If your team of volunteers isn’t prepared to engage with a new culture, they could end up doing more harm than good as they travel. Cultural sensitivity is already something you as a leader are probably already very aware of. However, this can be a […]