7 Ways To Be A Social Mission Advocate

7 Ways To Be A Social Mission Advocate


When you’re passionate about a cause on the other side of the world, waiting for your next trip can feel like an eternity. This year, we encourage you to be a social mission advocate and a champion for the causes you care about, not only while abroad, but also at home.

Here are 7 ways you can be an advocate and keep your passion alive while home:

1. Educate

Familiarize yourself with statistics about causes that inspire you. Keep a mental file of stories that poignantly explain your experiences abroad. This will help you turn small-talk into meaningful conversations and might even help you make a great connection with someone who shares your enthusiasm.

2. Wear

Does the organization you love sell t-shirts, bags or other merchandise? Supporting a cause by what you wear can spread awareness to anyone you encounter. Sporting an organization’s merchandise will also support them financially through your purchase.

3. Post

Social media is a powerful platform. One post or tweet can reach thousands of people in minutes. Use yours to be a voice for goodness, justice and social-responsibility. Always be careful to research what you share, so your posts reflect viable information.

4. Donate

Consider donating directly to a nonprofit with a mission you admire. Your contribution does not need to drain your bank account. It’s easy to save a little when you are devoted to a cause. Stash away your coffee money one day a week. Forego seeing a blockbuster in theaters. Instead, put the money you would have spent toward a nonprofit you appreciate. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up!

5. Fundraise

Get involved! Organize a car wash or walk-a-thon to raise money for a cause. This gives others a chance to contribute and provides an opportunity for anyone who supports your cause to network. Be creative with your fund-raising.

6. Volunteer

Check out opportunities at your local nonprofits. Running a nonprofit is a lot of work, and requires a good deal of not-so-glamorous, behind the scenes work. Contact your local organization to see if they need help writing thank you letters, organizing cabinets – anything little deed helps!

Bonus: Check out Volunteer Match! Through this site, you can browse nonprofits by location or by a specific interest.

7. Encourage

If you have friends or family looking for a program abroad, encourage them to look into the nonprofits you support. A personal recommendation reassures someone an organization is authentic and trustworthy.

We hope this year is full of new friends, travels, and adventures as you continue on your journey to making the world a better place!

Traveling to the Philippines at just 8 months old, Shawna grew up loving all things related to travel and serving abroad. She is passionate about helping others travel safely and make the most of their time abroad.