Spotlight: Reboot

Spotlight: Reboot

This month we are excited to introduce you to Reboot. Reboot is involved in a unique variety of projects across the globe and here in the US. Take a minute to check out what they do and see how you can get involved!

Fly For Good: What is the mission of Reboot?

Reboot is an advisor and implementer for institutions dedicated to social progress. We partner with influential organizations worldwide to realize more inclusive governance and equitable development. We think of this as working toward a 21st century social contract.

The foundation of governing legitimacy and collective prosperity, a social contract is inclusive by definition. While the ability to access information, organize, and input has reshaped the scope of inclusivity in governance, few institutions have kept pace with these changes. Our social contract is due for renegotiation.

Reboot is working at the forefront of these transitions. We help governments, international organizations, foundations, corporations, and nonprofits become more responsive to the communities they serve. We support our partners in exploring the origins of complex issues, designing contextually appropriate solutions, seeing initiatives through to fruition, and evaluating the results along the way.

The possibilities for inclusive governance and equitable development—for a 21st century social contract—are growing. From supporting good governance in Nigeria to human development in Nicaragua to civic innovation in the United States and beyond, we are working to realize them.

Fly For Good: How did Reboot begin?

Reboot grew out of the belief that too many of the world’s people live in difficult, debilitating circumstances. Some factors are beyond our control. We cannot prevent the occurrence of droughts, floods, and earthquakes. Luck of the draw dictates whether we are born into a rich country or a poor one, with fertile soil or famine, with clean drinking water or waterborne diseases. But many disasters are not random acts of fate. They are man-made, the products of bad decisions and ineffective systems that compound the negative effects of unpredictable events. We share a responsibility to mitigate what factors we can, not just out of a desire “to do good” but to actively minimize harm.

Fly For Good: What makes Reboot unique?

Reboot approaches each challenge with fresh eyes. We are proudly, methodologically agnostic. We offer no proprietary “Reboot Way”, no turnkey solutions. Our methods are adapted for each engagement, drawn from a variety of disciplines to address the challenge at hand. Past projects have combined methods from user experience design, political economy analysis, applied ethnography, public economics, complexity theory, and data analysis, among others. Still a set of core principles, including immersion, iteration, and collaboration, ground our approach and cut across each engagement.

Fly For Good: How can I get involved?

We are a young and rapidly growing firm always looking for new recruits. There is no one Rebooter formula. Our team’s strength is our personal and professional diversity. We are builders, makers, and entrepreneurs; equal parts strategists and storytellers, anthropologists and economists; designers, technologists, and political scientists. We share global expertise and a passion for improving governance and development worldwide.

For more information, contact Reboot via Twitter, Facebook or visit their website at!

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