How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Getting through the airport security check is already a pain. Rushed and flustered, you try your best to stay calm and remember all the security measures while keeping an eye on your belongings. Holding your breath, you step through the detector hoping the dreaded alarm doesn’t sound over something you forgot.

Why not make TSA easier for everyone? With a few simple wardrobe changes, you can get through airport security faster.

What not to wear through airport security


Belts are practical fashion accessories, but terribly inconvenient at the airport. The buckles are prone to set off the metal detector and cast you aside for a secured pat down. If you happen to remember you’re wearing a belt before walking through the detector, it takes time to pull it off and slip it back on after clearing security. To make the TSA experience easier on everyone, opt for wearing a pair of pants that can stay up on their own.


Before entering the metal detector, you need to remove any jewelry that could set off the alarm. If you’re covered in piercings, the race is on before it’s your turn to step through the monitor. Jewelry is also a pain to collect after clearing security. And who wants to send precious stones or family heirlooms through the conveyor belt? In the few moments separated from your belongings, there’s a chance for them to get lost or stolen. Unless it’s your wedding band–which you can keep on for an airport security check–, you should leave your jewelry at home.

Studded jeans

Jeans are the casual go-to for most people, but you need to be careful about wearing ones with studded pockets through airport security. These can set off the alarm and make you endure an embarrassing pat-down during your airport security check.

Lace-up shoes

Unless you have TSA precheck, you typically need to remove your shoes before walking through the metal detector. Wearing a pair of high-top converse for this endeavor could leave you in a pickle. Even if you get them off in time, you still need to scramble to put them back on after your screening. To get through airport security faster, wear a pair of shoes easier to slip on and off.


If you shouldn’t wear lace-up shoes, sandals must be the alternative, right? Unfortunately, sandals come with their own set of woes when worn through an airport security check. If you remove your sandals, you’ll be walking on the airport floor with bare feet. How gross! Don’t fall prey to this rookie traveling mistake.

Besides changing what you wear through airport security, here are some bonus tips to make clearing TSA a breeze:

  • Empty your travel water bottle while waiting in line.
  • Keep your carry-on liquids in an easily accessible pocket.
  • Remove your phone from your pocket before stepping through the scanner.
  • Wear an easily removable jacket. Store your loose valuables in the pockets and toss the coat on the conveyor belt.
  • Keep your airline ticket and passport in hand while clearing security so you don’t lose them.
  • Team up with a buddy to keep track of each other’s belongings.
  • Step away from TSA before putting back on your shoes.
By applying these quick and easy tips, now you know the secret on how to get through airport security faster!

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