Best Ways to Travel Based on Your Myers Briggs

Best Ways to Travel Based on Your Myers Briggs

Best Ways to Travel Based on Your Myers Briggs

We know why we travel, but have you thought about what types of trips you enjoy the most? Vacation days are hard to come by, so you should get the most out of them. Although people can enjoy many ways to travel, we probably prefer one over the others.

With your Myers Briggs in mind, here’s what trip type you should try next and why:

Business Travel

If you’re one of these types, you’re focused and hardworking. Strategy drives your decisions. If travel can profit you in your career, you’re all in. Convince your boss to let you take a business trip; it will benefit both you and the company.


Taking a business trip could be an effective, strategic risk. As a natural leader, consider joining a leadership conference. This will strategically build your network and only help you climb the corporate ladder.


Routine office work bores you. You’ll enjoy the breather from the daily grind. When focused on your field of interest, a business trip will keep you learning and take you one step closer to becoming the expert you crave to be.


To you, intrinsic value springs from purposeful travel. Identify a cause that resonates with your soul and commit to make a difference in it. You can find deep satisfaction through improving the environment or impacting a life through voluntourism.


Naturally compassionate, curious, and misunderstood, you’re bursting with passions and ideas only few get to see. Use these gifts in a unique way to better the world. By striving for harmony on the field, you just might discover peace within yourself.


Find a cause that matches your personal values, which tend to drive your actions. You’ll enjoy serving within a small group where you can directly impact lives. This service could even reveal a piece of your role in the grand scheme of life.


Drawn to the stories of others, you can impact so many lives for the better through humanitarian work. Ride your inspiration. Discover a cause that resonates with you and lets you work directly with the people you’re helping.

Group Tours

If you’re one of these types, you deeply value a structured schedule and being around like-minded individuals. For once, save yourself the work of planning and join a group tour that piques your interest. You can cruise through your itinerary while chatting with peers.


By joining a group tour, you can dapple in new environments and activities with less risk of something spiraling out of control. Anxious uncertainty will slip away as you carefully follow your trusted group leader and daily schedule.


You value routine above most things, and a group tour will apply essential structure to new experiences. Inclined to small talk, you’re bound to forge unexpected bonds through your journey and discover the world is a small one after all.

Family Visits

You value human connections, so why not revolve your travel around family? Maybe you have family that lives across the states or on the other side of the world. Call them up and plan a visit. You can explore their area while making lasting memories with those that matter most.


Pack the kids up for a family trip to visit the grandparents. If Ma and Pa still live in your childhood hometown–bonus! You’ll delight in walking the kiddos down memory lane and letting them experience your growing-up years.


By spontaneously visiting a familiar face, you could share resort costs (which you’ll worry about paying later) and tour a beautiful destination, depending on where you travel. With your charismatic charm, you can keep the family busy with impromptu entertainment.


If your family lives close by, that puts a damper on a family visit. Instead, plan an enticing getaway and extend invites through the Tree. Members can even input for the trip if you want. After all, who you’re with trumps where you go–every time.

Studying Abroad

The world is your classroom. Embrace it. For your travel style, take a few months to study abroad. Consider diving into the cultural surge of your destination, absorbing as much information as possible. You can mature your worldview no matter where you study.


This intellectual exercise will widen and deepen your breadth of understanding. Your independent studies will provide a holistic approach to self-improvement. Upon starting this endeavor, you’ll surely complete it fearlessly.


You constantly form and break and reshape your theories on life–an exciting, endless cycle to reach intellectual perfection. If you conceptualize the benefits of studying abroad and map your future experience, you’ll reap the benefits. That is, once you actually go.


In search of a neat and orderly experience, you can expand your intellect by studying abroad. You’ll immediately set structure to the cultural norms you find. And, although such an experience is not required, it’s one you should definitely consider for the life-long benefits.

Adventure Travel

Schedules were made for stick-in-the-muds. Routines bore you to death. So pick a direction and drive. Pinpoint a thrilling expedition and you’ll thrive with a dowse of adventure travel. After all, sights were made for more than seeing.


Travel somewhere exotic where you can learn to cook authentic dishes. Snorkel with chromatic fish and make jewelry with the locals. Learn and create wherever you go, and remember to rest between expeditions. You know the adventure can wait for you.


Explore the real world, absorbing each moment as it comes. Your instincts will lead you. Latch onto a worthy undertaking and tackle it with every ounce of your passion. When boredom creeps in, move onto the next adventure. It’s that simple.


Let your whims guide you. Do something physical outdoors. Try bouldering. Canoe down a rushing river. Backpack through the woods. Exercise your problem-solving abilities to survive off the land. Make stops as you see fit to feed your curiosity.


Disclosure: This article was influenced by the research behind the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory and composed for entertainment purposes. This article was neither approved nor endorsed by the Myers & Briggs Foundation.

What trip types have you enjoyed the most? Do you think your Myers Briggs impacts your preference? Let’s talk in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

Traveling to the Philippines at just 8 months old, Shawna grew up loving all things related to travel and serving abroad. She is passionate about helping others travel safely and make the most of their time abroad.