How can I overcome my fear of flying?

How can I overcome my fear of flying?

How can I overcome my fear of flying?

From mild to crippling cases, fear of flying affects many people. Research shows that 2.5% to 6.5% of the U.S. population suffers from aviophobia, the fear of flying. Before you book your next flight, here are five steps you can take to help you fly with confidence.

1. Understand turbulence

Though the shaking sensation can feel frightening, turbulence is a normal part of flying.

Like waves on the ocean, turbulence is the result of changing temperatures and crisscrossing winds. If things get a little rocky while in the air, remember that planes are durable machines designed to withstand tremendous amounts of turbulence.

2. Memorize the facts

Fears often stem from our minds at play rather than realistic facts. Instead of letting your imagination get the best of you, memorize some facts on flying. Remind yourself:

You can research how planes are made or the physics of flying. Knowing more about artificial flight can help calm your nerves and fear of flying.

3. Experience a flying simulation

Who needs to book a flight to face your fear of flying? Why not give it a try in augmented reality? That’s right. With today’s technology, you can download a flight simulation experience to your smartphone. Just snap the device in a set of smart goggles, and you can face your fear of flying from the comfort of your living room.

Skeptical? Check out Luke Johnson’s experience battling his fear of flying through virtual reality.

4. Review safety procedures

You can review and memorize the in-flight safety tips. This way you will feel prepared when boarding your next plane and have a clearer understanding of the emergency procedures if something were to go wrong–which is still unlikely.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also provides a fact sheet on general aviation safety. This includes how the FAA is actively reducing risk in the industry through increased training, enhanced aircraft designs, and the like. Reading and understanding these precautions can also boost your confidence in flying safely.

5. Meet the pilots

Once you make it on your next flight, see if you can meet the pilots. Pilots often greet the passengers during boarding. Step aside, if time and space allow, and briefly introduce yourself. Meeting the pilots establishes trust and builds confidence because you can put a face to the one controlling the aircraft.

Give these tips a try and tells us how it goes! You can also forward this to a friend who needs help overcoming their fear of flying.

Traveling to the Philippines at just 8 months old, Shawna grew up loving all things related to travel and serving abroad. She is passionate about helping others travel safely and make the most of their time abroad.