5 Best Kept Secrets of Missions Airfare

5 Best Kept Secrets of Missions Airfare

We recognize that booking airfare is often one of the greatest pains of trip planning–and it’s also one of the highest expenses. Airfare can be tricky and an expert is needed to guarantee the best itinerary possible for the best price. We’ve gathered our best knowledge from our very own experts to share the trade secrets…shhh.

1. Be Flexible with dates

Often times when you are deciding when to take your group to a destination–dates matter. Traveling on weekdays is often cheaper and depending on the time of year for your destination you could be traveling in prime-travel season–increasing your overall airfare costs.

Consider taking your group in an off-peak season to your destination. Or if low costs are your top priority, try choosing destinations with generally lower airfare costs.

2. Contact your airfare provider right away

Contact Fly for Good, or your airfare provider right away once you know that you have a group traveling. They can book groups up to 330 days prior to departure. The earlier you book, the more space available for your team. Take advantage of the Prime Booking Window which is 8-11 months in advance to your trip departure date.

3. Prices online are deceiving for groups

Checking out Skyscanner, Expedia or other low-cost aggregators is great if you’re booking a trip for just you or even you and your partner. However, these prices are quite deceiving for groups. You are much better off contacting your airfare provider to quote you before looking at online prices.

4. Don’t hold space with the airline

If you call the airline to reserve seats before checking with your humanitarian airfare provider, they won’t be able to quote you the best rates. By your holding space, the prices will be elevated or the flight may be at capacity.

5. Book with Fly for Good

The secret is contacting Fly for Good to get you a rate!  Fly for Good gives you access to multiple airline specialty contracts and 40+ airline partners including Delta, United, and American. Our agents are experts and knowledgeable in all things air–we’ll take care of you.

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