About More Than Me

More Than Me (MTM) is on a path to revolutionize education infrastructure and learning opportunities for Liberia’s most vulnerable primary and secondary students.

MTM began in 2009 as a scholarship program for the most vulnerable girls and young women in the West Point community of Monrovia, Liberia.  Today, MTM provides access to school; enrichment programs in areas like the arts, sports and technology; healthcare; meals; and psychosocial services to 150 girls and young women from central Monrovia communities. But while our work is currently focused on the MTM Academy, our long term vision is broader.

Our goal is that if Liberia faces another crisis in the future there will be an educated and resourceful population of critical thinkers and collaborators who can mount an unparalleled defense. We believe the reconstruction of Liberia’s civil society and government must begin with the education system, with a focus on the students most underserved; in particular, out of school girls in slum communities in Monrovia.