We are proud to announce a very special and unique new program that provides individualized mentorship for people wanting to learn how to conduct their own project(s). We help you to gain funding; we provide skills training along with the contacts and tools to actualize your plans. In some instances, undergraduate and graduate credits are able to also be provided.

The mission of the Center for Global Initiatives is to help in the creation of self-sustaining programs that improve access to healthcare in underserved communities throughout the world.

Generally we do this by:
– Serving as an incubator for new initiatives that creatively solve health care inequities throughout the world.
– Acting as a collaborator with individuals and organizations in developing and launching projects that address the needs of medically impoverished populations.
– Functioning as a facilitator in directing public and private resources towards programs aimed at improving health.
– Working as an educator to provide new information and tools to empower others.